Micro CHP

Micro-CHP (Combined Heat and Power) systems are comparable in size and shape to an ordinary, modern, domestic boiler and can be wall hung like most boilers, or floor standing.

Servicing costs and maintenance are estimated to be similar to a standard boiler – although a specialist will be required. They run on a variety of fuels including gas generated from anaerobic digestion plants. The only significant difference to a standard boiler is that they are able to generate electricity while they are heating water.

Micro-CHP systems should always be installed and run to meet the heating needs of the building, rather than to generate more heat than is needed just to meet electricity demand. The electricity generated should be treated as a useful by-product of heat generation. For this reason, electricity will only be generated when there is a heat demand.

For more information from the Energy Saving Trust on Micro CHP systems please visit their website.